Back To Life Taxidermy

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We can and will bring the sportsmans trophy~ Back To Life ~ We recognize the value of your Trophy.We are also very committed to preserving your Trophy in the most artistic and realistic manner possible. Back To Life believes that taxidermy is an Art and that your Trophy deserves a Taxidermist who is Trustworthy and a professional Artist by talent and capable of recreating the lifelike aspects of your Trophy.

Taxidermy and I

I have been an artist all of my life, and I believe this is as close to artistry as I am going to get,so I decided to let Gods creatures come to me. That way I can preserve them back to the way they were first taken, and so you the customer can remember the hunting or fishing experience you once had and enjoy it for many years to come by displaying your trophy in the most respectful manner possible... by having it mounted by ~Back to Life Taxidermy~ be Patient and be Rewarded.

Other thoughts

We taxidermists have long considered ourselves conservationists who help give others an appreciation for the natural world, "We just preserve it." "Stuffed animals" is not a proper taxidermy term, but early specimens were simply stuffed with cotton or hay. taxidermy, which means "movement of the skin." message